Company mission:

Our mission is to cultivate creativity, connection, and community through the crafting of high-quality, handmade biscotti using local and organic ingredients; to create both inspired and traditional baked goods that excite the palate while nourishing the heart. It is our intention to operate a sustainable business, from the materials and ingredients, to environmental awareness and education, to actively engaging in our community through the contribution of our time, products, and our profits to nonprofit organizations.


We value creativity, and are dedicated to experimenting with what is available locally and seasonally, crafting new flavors, developing new products, and re-imagining what it means to be sustainable as we grow our business. We aspire to become both a skills training program and a worker-owned cooperative, creating equality and opportunity through the practice of business ownership.



Once upon a time there was a girl…saint-and-olive-girl-doodle

We inherit the hopes, dreams, and recipes of our ancestors.

Growing up in the military I often felt I lacked a sense of connection to something larger than myself, a geographic region or a culture or even an extended family. For a time in my childhood we were stationed in Connecticut near my mother’s Italian family; this was a pivotal time, and these relationships impacted me greatly. Wherever else I traveled in the world, qualities of my mother’s family evoked a sense of home, and the heart.

While exploring my grandmothers and great-grandmothers recipes, one day the biscotti recipe arrived in the mail.  The local newspaper had written an article about my great aunt Anna’s biscotti, which she enclosed with a note, and soon thereafter I was sending packages of biscotti back East to the family to get their feedback on new flavors.

This was a time of intense loss in my family, and I found the practice of measuring ingredients, kneading the dough, patiently waiting for the baking of the loaves to be incredibly healing. Through this process I felt a sense of connection with my family, and I was able to attend to my sorrow and allow it to be transformed, much like the process of baking transforms raw ingredients into something previously unimaginable.

This business has grown out of my love of baking, experimentation, and from my deepening desire to contribute to the creation of a community in which we all live with greater integrity and support of one another, and to accomplish this through skills training and creating opportunities for employment and empowerment.

I hope the business will continue to grow, that through this endeavor I will have the opportunity to unite my dreams with the dreams of others, to craft delicious food, to celebrate abundance, and to create deeply rooted systems of connection and support.